Can I see my purchase history?




  • Patricia Linton

    I've logged on but can't see my purchase history?  How do I get this?



  • Karen Hughes

    How do I locate my order which I placed for Robyn Hughes, 18th book, date of birth-11/12/98 ? Please help

  • JP

    Hello Karen,

    Please do forward your request to and we will make sure to take care you ;-)

    Kind regards,

    The TBOE Team

  • SWilks Edwards

    I purchase a book for seriah my granddaughter but having problems with payment.

  • JP


    So sorry to hear about this!

    Could you reach out to and we will make sure to take care of you!

    Kind regards,


  • Deborah Hoffman

    I signed in and there is no tab for purchase history.

    The site says that shipment to US should be done in 6-10 days for free shipping and less time and a supposed tracking number given. Why is the no "history tab" to find out information???


  • JP

    Hello Deborah,

    You can find your order history by clicking on the 'Orders' tab.

    If you reach us by sending an email to we will be able to provide you with your tracking number

    Kind regards,


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